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How the booking process works

It’s fast and easy to book your course online with LAL, in four simple steps.

  1. First of all, build your course package to obtain your price quote.
  2. Continue to submit your booking request online.
  3. Our friendly sales team will make sure that your accommodation reservation and other course details are available, and inform you via email.
  4. Finally, when you are happy with all of your course arrangements, you will be invited to pay for your course securely online with Uni-Pay (other payment options are available).

Need a Visa

You may need a visa in order to gain entry to the country you will be visiting. Whether you need a visa or not depends on a number of factors, and the rules vary for different countries.

LAL, as a reputable and legally compliant international education provider, gives all relevant assistance in terms of documentation required by an embassy for the application of student visas only.

You can find guidance on the visa requirements for the UK, South Africa, USA, and Malta at the corresponding pages on the LAL Language Centres website though, as the conditions of entrance change frequently, it is always better to go to the official website for your intended destination.

Here are the official government websites, UK, South Africa, USA, and Malta

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